Soft Biotechnology Balancing Nature and Humans

We are developing strategies and products to substitute conventional consumer products by manufactures based on a selected resource naturally growing again.
Our efforts are based on the assumption that the extensive over-exhaustion of fossile and natural resources potentially will lead to an ecological collapse, which might have greater and more continuous effects than the presently foreseeable global crisis of economics.

For our projects we rely on the complex microbial community named "Sugary Kefir", which not only synthesizes a biopolymer not utilized all over the world to date, but exhibits additional unique fatures. For example, its biotechnological production hardly releases any waste products.


Current/Future Projects

Novel Bioplastics
Advantages: very cheap - by maximum as expensive as conventional plastics. Planned utilization: package materials for mass products.

Paper Substitutes
Innovative papers free of cellulose. Due to the production process, ecological balancing will be much better than for conventional papers - paper production without wood consumption, bleaching, and pollution of waters.

Depot Fertilizers
... for the recultivation of agriculture in the dry zones of the earth: combined storage of humidity and fertilizers together with microorganisms increasing plant vitality.

Fitness Drinks
We improve the classical beverage named "Sugary Kefir" by definitely stopping the fermentation process without decreasing its biological value.

Tolerable Antibiotics
Based on our innovative process, the organism exhibits strong antibiotic properties. Using this as a starting point, we develop well tolerable antibiotics with effectivenesses against a number of pathogenic microorganisms.

Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Kleespies







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